Caleb has food allergies to wheat, dairy, gluten, etc.

When we found out our nine year old son was allergic to wheat, dairy, and gluten we didn’t know what we were going to do.  Everything our son likes to eat contains at least one of those ingredients.   We wondered if we would ever get to eat out again.  We wondered how we were going to give up Twinkies and ice cream.  It is very painful to give up junk food.   

We found a lot of helpful information in the internet.  We knew that we were going to have to go on a special diet.  We decided that we were going to commit 100% to this diet.  It turns out that there are many wonderful products available in most grocery stores.  Our son soon realized that he felt better after eliminating certain foods.  The benefits of feeling better made him happy.  So he didn’t miss cup cakes. 

We found a lot of breakfast cereals are wheat free and gluten free.  Caleb can have goats milk.  However, he likes to eat his cereal without milk.   We buy a lot of fruit and vegetables.  Apple’s and banana’s are easy to find year round.  The hardest thing for our son to give up was crackers.  He loved to eat peanut butter and crackers.  We cut up apples and give him peanut butter.  He likes to dip his apple in peanut butter.  We found some rice crackers in the store.  However, Caleb does not like them.  Caleb loves to eat Lay’s potato chips.  He can eat them and it makes for a good snack.  We have found wheat free spaghetti.  It is made from rice.  And it tastes pretty good.  So we are able to eat spaghetti.  We are eating meat, vegetables, and fruit every day.  And we have all said good bye to bad foods.

Candy has been hard to give up.  Most candy bars contain ingredients that Caleb is allergic too.  We found some dark chocolate candy bars that Caleb can have.  Betty Crocker makes a cake mix that contains no wheat or gluten.  I can make icing using cocoa and powder sugar.  So we have options when it comes to sweet snack foods.  Even Starbucks has cookies that are wheat, gluten free.  So I can still go to Starbucks.  We had to give up lemon loaf.  But that is a small price to pay for our son’s health.

We have learned that we can go out to eat.  We have a game plan before we go.  We can no longer order Caleb macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets.  When we go to a Mexican restaurant Caleb can eat a taco with a side dish of beans.  We just ask for it without cheese.  The taco shells are made from corn.  At Denny’s Caleb can eat a breakfast plate.  They substitute the pancakes for French fries.  So he gets a scrambled egg, bacon, and fries.  Most restaurants are happy to help.  Restaurants that have salad bars are nice.  So we can go to a place like Ruby Tuesdays and get Caleb the salad bar.  We just have to help him fix his plate.  He can’t have any cheese or croutons.  But at least we can go out to eat occasionally.   

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