Life Lesson in the Corn Maze

by Ray Robinson

God has blessed our family with two little boys. Raising boys can be quite the challenge. They have a lot of energy and big imaginations. We feel that raising children is a very big responsibility. We only have them for a short time and then they are grown and out on their own. It is important that we teach them all we can while we have them. Sometimes we find life lessons in the weirdest places. Recently, our family visited a local corn maze and it provided a great opportunity to teach our boys a lesson about God’s roadmap for their lives.

The owners of the corn maze gave us a map and a punch card. Within the maze were twelve different checkpoints with unique hole punch devices. The object was to use the map to navigate through a very complex maze, punch the card at each checkpoint, and finally return the card to the corn maze operator to be entered in a drawing for various prizes.

Our oldest son understood the instructions but instead wanted to follow his instinct to try and find each of the stations in the corn maze. He refused to read the map and instead felt that he “knew” how to find each of the stations. At first we told him that we were going to follow the map that we were given and we easily found the first six stations. However sensing an opportunity for our son to learn a valuable lesson, we decided to let him find the last six his own way.

He was excited with this opportunity because he just knew that he was very smart and would be able to find each of the remaining stations on his own. As he lead us through the maze we would come to a place where a choice had to be made between two or more directions. When faced with these choices, sometimes he would stop and think and then choose a direction and other times he would just start down a path with no thought at all. As his parents we were monitoring each choice he made by following on the map. Many times we could see he made a choice that went down a dead end path and other times we knew he was taking us past the same location in the maze several times.

By following his directions we found a couple of the remaining checkpoints and finally found our way out of the maze, but we failed to find all of the checkpoints. As a family, we decided to try again, this time with our son using the map. It was hard work for him as he had not had a lot of experience using the map, but he was able to lead us to each of the remaining checkpoints and back out of the maze successfully.

Afterwards we talked with the boys and explained to them that navigating through the corn maze is like navigating through life. Sometimes we feel that we can do things on our own without a map or directions. But God has given us the greatest map of all. You see we have the Bible. The Bible provides us direction on how we should live in this world and help us to not to get lost in it, like in the corn maze. How many times do we decide that we know what we are doing, as our son did in trying to navigate the maze without a map? Instead, we should be reading our Bibles and praying to see God’s will in our lives.


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