Our Son’s Food Allergies

Our son started getting sick last summer.  It began with a chronic stomach ache.  The pediatrician was positive that Caleb was constipated.  We were not convinced.  There did not seem to be any rhyme or reason to these chronic stomach aches.  One day we were playing in the park when I noticed Caleb lying down on the ground.  I ran over to check on him and he had a rapid heart rate and was complaining about chest pain.  We rushed him to see the pediatrician.  We were sent to a pediatric cardiologist.  Turned out Caleb has a fast heart rate and premature ventricle contractions.  His chronic stomach aches seemed to be getting worse.  Caleb was starting to have pain all through out his body.   We were getting tired of going to the pediatrician and getting no answers.

I started wondering about food allergies when we were at Costco eating a hotdog.  Before we got out of the parking lot Caleb got sick and vomited.  I did not think anything about it until it happened the next time we ate a hotdog from Costco.  What are the odds?  But I am a slow learner.  The third time it happened I decided no more hotdog meals from Costco.  Caleb started feeling bad all the time.  He was having chronic stomach aches, chest pain, general pain, headaches, and a collection of other ailments.  Once again the pediatrician informed us that Caleb was probably just constipated or faking being sick in order to get out of doing things he did not want to do.

We decided to see help from a natural doctor.  My Grandmother has received newsletters from Dr. Wright for many years.  We discovered that we were 45 miles away from his clinic.   We described all of Caleb’s symptoms to the natural doctor.  The natural doctor told us that all of Caleb’s symptoms sounded like food allergies.  So we started with a basic food allergy test.  Two weeks later we got a letter in the mail informing us of all the foods Caleb is allergic too.   The list included wheat, gluten, dairy, pineapple, and a few other things that Caleb (and we as his parents) would have to learn to avoid in his diet.   A follow up with the natural doctor proved to be very helpful.  We put Caleb on a strict diet.  And Caleb seems to be feeling better.  We also discovered that Caleb was developing a stomach ulcer. 

After putting Caleb on a strict diet where we have eliminated foods that cause him to have an allergic reaction Caleb is doing much better.  Caleb is also doing better in school and has a much easier time concentrating.  

We have learned that we can still go out to eat.  Most restaurants are willing to substitute food items.   We have also found bread mixes that are wheat free and gluten free.  This allows our son to eat peanut butter sandwiches.  We are very thankful our son does not have an allergy to peanuts.  We have also found gluten free brownies, cake mixes, cookies, etc.  It just takes a lot of research and finding grocery stores that offer these special items.  One store in particular that has really been a blessing to our family is Trader Joe’s.  They have gluten free spaghetti.  And it tastes very good! 

We are amazed at how well Caleb adjusted to his diet.  I think he felt good and did not want to get sick.  So he does not even want to eat those foods that make him sick.  We are very thankful to have found a natural doctor that has been able to help us.  We still go see our pediatrician from time to time.  However, we are very thankful to have found a natural doctor that listened to our concerns and quickly found the problem.



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