Physical Education for Homeschoolers

by Malcolm Ray Robinson

Physical education is an important aspect of the home schooling experience that parents need to plan for.   There are many ways to offer exciting physical education to your home school students. Here are a few ideas of ways that you can make sure your home school child is getting the physical education needs.

  1. The YMCA offers many programs for boys and girls that can be used to meet the physical education need.  The YMCA in our town has a home school PE program.  There are also opportunities for swimming lessons as well as sports.  The YMCA also provides gym facilities, swimming pools, martial arts training, summer day camps, and sports. There are family memberships which are a good way for the family to stay fit together.
  2. Basketball is a great PE for a homeschooler. You can either buy a basketball goal or go to a local park.  Many cities also have youth basketball leagues that your child can be a part of.   Other sports leagues that may exist are football, soccer, and baseball.   Also, depending on your regional location you may have hockey as an option.
  3. Bicycle riding is also a great PE for a homeschooler.   Buying your child is an excellent way to get them outside and exercising.
  4. Roller skating is a good PE for homeschoolers.   Many towns have skate parks or skating rinks that you can take your child too.   In our own town, the local skate rink is very supportive of homeschooling and offers special hours of special rates for home school families.
  5. Other inexpensive ideas for homeschooling exercise include jump ropes, a hula hoop, and a frisbee.  Each of these toys provide for excellent exercise for children.
  6. Hiking or taking a walk in nature is a wonderful physical education opportunity for your homeschooler. You can take a walk in the park, on a nature trail, around your neighborhood, or even to a mall depending on the weather.   This kind of physical education can also be included as part of your field trip excursions.
  7. The Nintendo Wii gaming console offers an excellent opportunity for your child to have fun and get some good physical exercise.   The game Wii FIT is something that we have taken advantage of to supplement our children's home school physical education needs.  It along with many of the other titles on the Wii offers a great exercise alternative on cold and rainy days when going outside is not an option.
  8. Exercise videos are also a good way to provide physical education for teenage homeschoolers.

Each of these ideas are different options that you can take advantage of when trying to provide physical education opportunities to your children.   One final piece of advice that we can offer is to be sure and set aside specific time for your child to have physical education.   Don't assume that letting your child have play time outside will provide them everything they need in the area of physical education.


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