Set Up the Home for Homeschooling

by Malcolm Ray Robinson

Many people have a mistaken belief about the cost of homeschooling. There have been many articles talking about the dollar cost of this education option, but when it comes to homeschooling there are many other costs that cannot be measured with dollar signs. One very important part of homeschooling is providing space for an environment that is supportive of your child's education.

Some parents may enter the homeschooling challenge thinking "buy a curriculum and teach the child", never taking into consideration where the actual teaching takes place. It is very important to consider the work space your student child will need to accomplish their work.

You have many options that could be successful. A few of options that you may want to consider are the following:

  1. Finding individual desks for each of your students is a nice option. Each child has a unique work area that they can take 'ownership' of. This allows them to manage their area and supplies in a manner that works for them. With individual desks the parent can also choose to have the students set up in different parts of the home. This is s a great idea in preventing interruptions if you have lessons that require your interaction with the child. One child can be in their room working on self directed work while you work with another child on an interactive lesson. A disadvantage of this option is that the children are out of sight. You should check on them regularly to make sure they are completing their work. This option also works better choice for older children who may be more motivated and require less scrutiny.
  2. A second option is to set aside space in a single room and setup a permanent work table for your children. In this instance each children does not have their own workspace to manage. This option works well if the children do not distract each other and also provides you the opportunity to observe them all at once. By having a permanent work area set up you provide consistency to how the homeschooling experience. Some disadvantages to this option are that you must provide a way to manage the supplies and materials, and you will still need to arrange providing interactive instruction to one child without impacting the other.
  3. The third option is very similar to the second option, but takes into account the hard fact that many families may not have the option of setting aside permanent space for home schooling. The option of using the dining table has been used throughout history. You still face the task of where to store supplies and materials and making arrangements for individual instruction, but it is space that exists and can easily be used for this need.

When making the decision to home school, be sure to look at the investment required beyond the purchasing of a curriculum. That is only part of the cost. Setting up a learning environment is another key piece that involves the investment of space in your home. As shown in the few examples here, your investment in space can range from the temporary as needed choice to the permanent dedicated option. Either way, providing a consistent area can enhance and bring stability to your child's homeschooling experience.


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