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What To Do If You Suspect Your Child Might Has A Speech Delay Problem

by Raina Robinson

If you suspect your child has a speech delay problem, you may be worried about what you should do. We have experienced this same anxiety and weren't sure how best to handle it. The following steps are the route that helped us get to a point of what was right in our own path to helping our child's speech delay.

Make an appointment with your pediatrician to discus your concerns about your child's possible speech delay. The pediatrician will talk to you about your concerns and recommend a speech therapist if a problem is suspected. Sometimes your health insurance will require a referral from your pediatrician. The main thing is to get your child properly evaluated.

Make sure you find a speech therapist that works well with your child. It will be unproductive if your child doesn't work well with the speech therapist. It is important that you sit in with your child during the initial speech evaluation. You can see the evaluation process and determine for yourself if it is an accurate evaluation of your child. Remember that you know your child better than anybody. Sometimes these evaluations are not accurate due to a variety of reasons. For example you child might not have had a nap and may not be interested in the speech evaluation process. So it is a good idea to make an appointment time that works well for your child. Smaller children might have a more productive speech session in the morning.

Make sure that you have speech activities to work with your child at home on a daily basis. Music is a wonderful activity that reaches children in a special way. Get a music cd with kids songs and play it at night when they are going to sleep and in the car. Some kids will be able to sing a long while others may just be able to clap their hands or even humm along. Make daily activities a speech lesson. Talk to your child and explain to them daily activities like going to the store, bath time, cooking lunch, etc. Also it is a good idea to work with your child on their vocabulary. When you are at the dinner table you could hold up a fork and tell them what it is and what you do with it. It may seem silly but remember your child may not know the proper word for every item. It is a good idea to ask your speech therapist for homework. Your speech therapist will be able to tell you things you could be working on through out the week.

It can be very scary to have a child with a speech delay and make the choice to home school. Many families have faced the same challenge and been successful in working through thier childs speech delay. This is the process that we have gone through and would recommend to you.

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