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Field trips are very educational. Sometimes it is very nice to leave the house and experience the outside world. As the school year begins we feel it is important to plan a few field trips. When you determine what field trips you wish to take, mark the field trips on the calendar and allow the kids a chance to look forward to them. Here are a few field trips we will be taking this school year.

Field Trip Ideas For People Living In Western Washington

 Ape Caves

Ape Caves is a beautiful work of nature. It is an amazing experience. This cave is the longest continuous lava tube in the continental United States. Take flash lights and go exploring.

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier is a beautiful mountain that makes a beautiful skyline on a clear day in Western Washington. This is a place that all nature enthusiasts alike can get excited about.

Pacific Ocean-Ocean Shores

The Pacific Ocean is a great way to spend a day. Hike on the beach and see what you can find while beach combing. It is a wonderful place to fly a kite.

Pacific Science Center

Regardless of the weather the entire family will enjoy the Pacific Science center in Seattle. It is very affordable for a family to buy a membership for the year.

Boeing Flight Museum

Regardless of the weather the entire family can spend hours of educational fun in the Boeing Flight Museum. The World War 11 exhibit is amazing. It is very beneficial to buy a membership where your family can come back as often as you like. There is too much to learn about in one visit.

Port Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Port Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is a wonderful way to spend an educational day. It is beneficial to buy a membership where your family can enjoy it through out the year.

Northwest Trek

 The Northwest Trek is a family favorite. It is beneficial to buy a membership where your family can enjoy this through out the year. Ride a tram ride and watch wildlife in this 723 acre park.

Field Trip Plans for Western Washington for Future Adventures

The first field trip we will be taking is to Tumwater Falls Salmon Hatchery in Tumwater, Washington. There is a lovely walk by the river where we will be observing Salmon fighting their way up river. We will do a lot of research on the internet and at the library about Salmon before we go to the Hatchery. This is a very educational field trip. As a part of the learning experience the boys will have to write a small paper about things they learned at the Salmon Hatchery.

The second field trip we will be taking is to the Port Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA. The zoo is a wonderful field trip that allows kids to learn about different animals. For this field trip, the boys will research the zoo and different animals they may see there ahead of time. After our visit, the boys will pick their favorite animal they saw at the zoo and write a paper about it. Things that they could learn and write about are: What is the native country of the animal? What does the animal like to eat? As well as many other aspects of the animal they are interested in.

The third field trip we will be taking is to the Boeing Flight Museum. This is a very educational field trip looking at the history of mans attempts to get off of the ground.
As with the other field trips, the boys will be asked to research a little about the history of flight. The flight museum has many different exhibits, but one of our favorites is a wonderful World War II exhibit. This exhibit as well as the others provides a great learning opportunity in history for the boys.

The fourth field trip we have planed is to a local corn maze. This field trip is a great way to visit a farm and allow the boys to have fun while learning about agriculture. At the corn maze we have visited in the past there was much more then just the maze. There is the opportunity to interact with different farm animals as well as learn a little about how a farm operates.

These are the first four field trips that we have planned for our boys this school year. As homeschooling parents we highly recommend that you plan a few educational (and fun) field trips for your homeschoolers. It is a good idea to look around your community for field trip ideas. We also would recommend that you join a local home school co-op. These groups provide a great opportunity to join other homeschoolers on joint field trips that allow for savings on costs (if there are any) as well as providing the important opportunity for your own children to socialize with others.

Tumwater Falls Park and Salmon Hatchery


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Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Port Defiance Zoo - Tacoma WA

Boeing Flight Museum

Corn Maze

Previous Trips

08/29/2009 - Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

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