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We Are Making Changes

We are making some serious changes in the Robinson house.  These changes won’t be easy.  However we are going to try and eat better and exercise more.  We will start a journal to document our getting healthier journey.   The adults in our house will be going on a diet.  We are going to try to cut out as much processed food as possible. This will not be an easy task.  However it will be worth it.

 Here are a few products that we highly recommend.  We can tell you how these products have helped us.  We realize that everybody is different and these products might not have the same results on everybody.

Natural Supplements We Use


Seanol - This product has proven to be very helpful for our family.  There is a lot of information about this product on the web.  It has been shown to be very beneficial  with fibromyalgia, arthritis, concentration issues, sleep disorders,  lowering cholesterol, increasing circulation, etc.   Ray uses this item daily. 

CoQ10 - This product is something that we use on a regular basis.    Ray has hypertension and we use product as there is evidence that it is beneficial for the heart.  We pay close attention to heart health due to family history.

EDTA: oral chelation therapy - This is another product that Ray uses on a daily basis in support of heart health.  There are many informative articles on this product on the web. 

St. John's Wort - This product works well for mood enhancement.  Ray has also found it very beneficial in helping him to sleep better.


Online Suppliers

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