National Park Trips

Sequoia National Park - California

We recently visited the Sequoia National Park in California.  It was amazing to see these giant trees.  We went for a walk on a trail through a beautiful meadow with giant trees all around us.  In the meadow we found a black bear with two cubs.  It is a very long drive but worth it.  We would recommend taking an ice chest with drinks, snacks, and lunch.  Also if you are planning to camp we would recommend making reservations. - National Park website

Yosemite National Park - California

We recently went to Yosemite National Park.  We found it to be very beautiful.  However, we did not make camping reservations.  We were told to be at the reservation department at 8 am and get in line for any possible reservation cancelations.  This is a very popular destination.  It was very crowded.  People are everywhere driving, walking, and riding bicycles.  We would recommend that you have a full tank of gas, ice chest full of drinks, and food.  We would also recommend that you make your hotel or camping reservations well in advance. - National Park website

Death Valley - California

In June our family drove though Death Valley.  The kids really enjoyed it.  The road had many dips and they giggled every time their Daddy hit the gas going over the dips.  It was hot.  It is very interesting terrain.  We enjoyed seeing Harmony Borax Works.  However, it makes for a very long day.     We would recommend a full tank of gas, an ice chest full of cold drinks, and food before entering Death Valley. - National Park website

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