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Speech Therapy for the Home

NATHHAN National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network

NATHHAN is who we turned to for help with our son's speech problems.   We ordered a workbook that allowed us a parents to manage in home therapy for Caleb.  It has been a big help for him (and us).  NATHHAN also has other material geared for kids who have special needs.  This is a great website that we highly recommend!!!!!!

Home School Curriculum Supplier

Great deals on School & Homeschool Curriculum Books and Software

This is the curriculum supplier  that we use for our own purchased material.  They offer many different curriculums for you to choose from.   With our kids we use ACE as the foundation of their home schooling experience.   We've heard many people express that ACE is too simple and they fear it won't prepare their kids for college.    However, we disagree with that.   Raina was home schooled with ACE for a majority of her education and went on to earn her bachelor's from Texas A&M.   We have also found they have competitive prices.

Alpha Omega Publications

AOP's Award Winning Home School Resources!

Alpha Omega Publications is a publisher of bible based Christian Home Schooling curriculum.   We have used some of their LIFEPAC curriculum products to augment our other homeschooling material.   The LIFEPACS include student books and supporting parent/teacher guides.  The parent/teacher guides provide suggestions to guide you through presentation and support of your student.

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Christian Family Life Books

Ask Barbara Henderson


Other Resources - This site provides great Christian articles as well as a great video series on how to oil paint

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